What Is PreK-3rd?

  • Voluntary full-school-day PreKindergarten and required full-school-day Kindergarten for all children
  • Standards, curriculum, instruction, and assessment aligned within and across grades from PreK to 3rd grade
  • Curriculum integrates academic and social skills
  • Teachers qualified to teach PreK to 3rd grade
  • Families, schools, and communities share accountability for the success of all children

The South Shore School is part of a national PreK-3rd movement of schools, districts, educators and universities seeking to improve how children from ages 3 to 8 learn and develop in schools. While these different efforts use a variety of names, all are working to connect high-quality PreK programs with high-quality elementary schools. For more resources on this movement, please visit the Foundation for Child Development's web site, www.fcd-us.org, and the New School Foundation’s web site, http://www.newschoolfoundation.org.

Read our Policy Briefs below ( pdf ) :

The Case for Investing in PreK - 3rd Education: Challenging Myths about School Reform PreK-3rd: What is the Price Tag? PreK - 3rd: Teacher Quality Matters